The Fiery Summit
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High up on the summit of Mount Hood lies an outcropping of rock: the false peak.  Just behind that is a cascade of ice and snow that when looked upon leads into a deep cave that most eyes can't see.  The barrier between the world of iron and the world of the hedge grows thin here and fae eyes can find goblin fruit growing among the gem encrusted rocks and gold deep within.  It's a place not exactly in either world but in both at the same time: a bleeding of the hedge into reality.

Deep within this cave lies an ancient being of mighty power: a hedge behemoth.  Promechthun is the story of humanity's struggle with metallurgy from the first use of a flint and tender or copper tools all the way to the mighty skyscrapers and potent alloys of the modern world.  This dragon is covered in scales of purest silver with teeth of precious metals and eyes that gleam with dangerous intent.  Yet behind the terrifying exterior is a wise, kind, and even goofy old spirit that seeks to reconnect with humanity.  Deception and slavery brought the dragon to earth from the hedge realm where the gentry hunted it for sport and now it's found some peace on the chilly mountain.


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The Lonely Mountain

A bunch of characters meet the dragon.

October Alignment - Changeling

The dragon attends the alignment at Valerie Swann's request.