The A-maze-ing Race
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The Story So Far: Riddles were given (or coincidentally happened upon) by a small group of mortals in Portland. The riddles have all been solved and the next step is to investigate these places.  These places are the Hat Museum, Woodstock Mystery Hole, Lone Fir Cemetary, and Rimsky Korsakoffee Coffee House. Meanwhile, in his search for a particular antique, Kindred Emissary to the Mortals - Daniel Renatus - stumbled upon a very strange box. After examining what he could, Daniel brought this box to Holly Cotton - a member of the RCG and known for running an occult shop out of her home. What lies in wait for those that venture to these locations? Where did the riddles come from and why? What does this box have to do with it? Only time will tell. 


**If you would like to get involved with this Plot, please submit a request with Attn: SarahG, or get in touch with one of the characters listed in the Participating Character's section**



Participating Characters

Ashley Moran

Someone who received a riddle

Sammy Negreanu

Someone who received a riddle

Marc Etienne Saker

Someone who received a riddle

Shun Hughes

Someone who received a riddle

Sophie -Terpsichore- Dawson

Participating character

Participating Scenes

Daniel Visits Holly Cotton

Daniel brings a strange box to Holly Cotton. 

[TAR] Exploring Lone Fir Cemetery

The group explored the cemetery and found two others snooping!

The Mystery Box

Holly gives a strange box to Daniel to be stored in the ECP

[TAR] Investigating Rimsky-Korsakoffee House

The coffee house gets checked out

[TAR] Investigating Rimsky-Korsakoffee House

Sophie, David, and Marc check out the coffee house