Ripple Effect
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For reasons unknown, some mortals in town begin having strange dreams. Glimpsing themselves, but different.


This will be a series of one shots. They will be limited to a certain amount of hours in real life time so there is a chance things will remain unresolved - just like having a real dream!

There is a list of Character Archetypes found here . When you sign up for a scene, list your chosen Archetype in the comment. You cannot pick the same Archetype as someone else. If you do not list one, one will be randomly assigned. You will get a brief write up in an FPM about your character's role in this 'dream world' as well as any adjustments to your skills/attributes/abilities. 

You may only sign up for one scene



Participating Characters

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Participating Scenes

[RE] Bad Moon Rising

One shot scene

[RE] Ghost of Me

One shot scene

[RE] The Other Side of the Fence

One shot scene