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Now that the Midnight Man has been put to rest, the werewolves can focus on the far larger problem at hand. One Militant-Scientist Group bent on taking over the Hisil and perverting it to their own ends as a bid for...well...something? This time they call on their friends and allies for help, after all, at the last battle with the Midnight Man, Iron Spirits appeared to fight with him. What all does this RD-13 know and what exactly are they up to?



Participating Characters

No Characters

Participating Scenes

The Cat's Prints - RD-13 Plot

Mental ***, Social: **, Physical: *

RD-13 Strikes Back!

The Cat's Prints - RD-13 (Take 2)

Mental ***, Social: **, Physical: *

RD-13 Strikes Back!

The Lost Children (Invite Only)

Lyra runs into some RD-13 agents causing issues for some spirits.

Down the Rabbit Hole - RD-13 Plot

Mental **, Social ***, Physical *

Everyone Who has been involved in either the Midnight Man Plot or the RD-13 plotgets an invite from Alexa Browning who identifies herself as a member of RD-13 and Luna Belle's mother. She requests your presence to have a chat and tosee what can be worked on to reduce problems between you and RD-13. She leaves the where up to you but states that any aggression will Cease all polite conversation.

Gatecrashers (Invite Only) - RD-13 Personal Scene

Invite only by Luan Loveren. Luan's First Change!

Luna Belle and some Bravery Spirits want to spend some time with Luan. All seems to be going pretty well before some gatecrashers show up.

Orientation Day - A Personal RD-13 Scene

Riley gets an orientation tour for his new work!

Neighborhood Watch - an RD-13 Personal Scene

Lyra Wolf is given a task by Sagrim-Ur to see if she can fit in with the Iron Masters!

Escape from Key West - RD-13 Personal Plot

Invite Only!

Mental ***, Social *, Physical **

Riley needs to get free of his new job. Hopefully with some help from his friends, he'll get free!

The Ultimate Showdown - RD-13 Personal Plot

Invite Only!

Mental **, Social *, Physical ***

Riley and his grandmother have a final showdown.

Who will come out on top? Find out!

And So It Begins - RD-13 Plot (OPEN)

RD-13 Strikes Back

Mental */*, Social */*, Physical *** - OPEN SCENE, ALL VENUES WELCOME

RD-13 doesn't take kindly to being intruded upon, so they seek to return the favor. 

RD-13 - Into the Belly of the Beast (OPEN)

Now it’s time for the characters to take the fight to RD-13. This is pretty straight forward. They should by now have some intel on the group and some recon done so they can prepare and head out.

RD-13 - Into the Belly of the Beast Part 2 (CLOSED)

The Second Half of Storming RD-13's Base