Prophecies of the Clockwork Dawn
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New Classification Group: Clockwork Dawn

Threat: High

Local Surveillance Authorized

Local Surveillance Results Uploading

Information Corrupted

….Aberration detected…

Local Control Authorization Denied

Local Control Authorization Denied

Local Control Authorization Granted




HI!   I’m Joy!

There are things beyond the understanding of mortal men.   There is knowledge that we were never meant to touch and realms we were never meant to see.  Some doors never meant to be opened… 


[A Story of Cultists, Eldritch Abominations, Cosmic Terror and other Existential Nightmares of the God-Machine]


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Participating Scenes

Revolution 3//Session: Spies from the Shadows

Forgotten faces

Worn out places

Music reveals truth

Silence masks the pain

Revolution 3//Session: Cruel Limits

Where are the Boundaries of this world?

Where are they even visible?

You can free others 

But would you be able to know your own?

To Free Yourself

Revolution 3//Session: Devour Hope

When Empires fall...



....Do cities leave behind Ghosts?