Nightmares at the Gates
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 With the Challange of the Keeper of Wards complete The barrier of protection that keeps the Pure from Invading Portland is once again strong and in place. While the pure are a Major threat and are still looking for ways to bring down the barrier they are not the Forsaken Only Enemies . Beshilu , Azlu and other spirits still cause the Forsaken problems within the city, and the wolf Blooded of the pure are not stopped by the protective Wards. Now is the time to be vigilient. Now is the time to prepare for battles to come 

Azazel (Yes, the demon! No, not the splat) has be called forth by someone (still unknown) and is wreaking havok in the city. He was responsible for the bomb that blew up the clinic near Tik Tok on 82nd. Where does his influence end?!


In Progress

Participating Characters

Samuel Caine

Found the weakness for the Keeper of Wards

Dr. Hikaru Shinjiro

Helped to successful get information from the Assassin who killed Charlie

Samuel Caine


Bobbi Jo Sullivan


Participating Scenes

Battle of Keeper of Wards


OoT) Unanswered calls

Samuel and Bobbi caine run into some issues with a pack of pure when rescuing a friend 

Getting answers

Samuel Caine, Bobbi Jo Caine, Hika, Aaron, and Mick confront the assassin that Killed Charlie Caine 

Rescue Mission [Closed]

Daniel, Mustang, and Laura go to rescue Bobbi and Samuel from the Pure. They are successful, and three members of the pure pack calling themselves Hellhounds are killed. 

Aegis pack hunt[closed]

Find claimed Bikers

Hunting the Ridden

Part 2


Saving a wolf Blooded

Biker bars oh my

Penny, Sam, and Bobbi