Maelstrom & Lucky 7's
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A rival group of Gifted that have declared war on the RCG.



Participating Characters

No Characters

Participating Scenes

Lucky 7 puts a hit out on Divian

The gang attacks Div

Maelstrom & Lucky 7

Kidnapping and a daring escape

A homicide investigation

Leah Gray has been murdered!

Getting Ready for the 7's


Nate Investigates D

Obfuscated Vampire Follows Lucky 7 leader

A ghost reaches out to Essie

Leah Gray makes contact with Essie

Mortal + Meeting

Meeting about the Lucky 7's plot

ETF Strategy Meeting about Lucky 7's

ETF and RCG get together to form a plan

ETF-Research Team

Check out the Shadow

Fujin and Erinn Explore the undercity

Sneaky sneaks into the Undercity

Essence Meets with People

Essence talks about the ETF plans

Something Sneaky

Remy is up to no good!

An Ashes Hit

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