Lost and Forsaken (Changeling Plot)
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A few rumors are circulating through the freehold and among some of the occult boards.

The Silver Huntress has returned to Portland after fifty years of seemingly self imposed exile. She's relatively unknown at this point but perhaps the elders would know details of her. There seems to be some measure of dread in those who speak of her.

A few occult boards online have had a few crafters post new ads for occult equipment such as salt, golden blades, cold iron, silver, stakes, and more. (This will only be known to those who monitor such online forums)

A few changelings that are perhaps new to the freehold seem to have left the city. No word was given to those mentoring them however and they seem to have discarded all ties to Portland.


  • Mystery
  • Murder
  • Hunted from both sides
  • Combat
  • Strange New Artifacts


  • The Silver Huntress
  • The Freehold Leadership


Anyone from any venue is welcome.  This is, however, a changeling plot.


In Progress

Participating Characters

Charles -Divian- Peterson

The now ensorcelled cop is quite involved.

Daniel Renatus

The Leader of the Heralds is investigating

Nino X Doe

The best helping hand joined.

Sylvester Eldridge

The social viking has fought some guards

Vrys Sarkhet

She and the Huntress are so similar.  Respect

Erinn -Fawkes- Rayborn

Invisible but involved

Jennifer -Pawn- Silver

The brave knight fights to protect the innocent

Agatha Kingsley

Fate drug her into this.

Ace Harding

Ace has just begun his investigation.

Ro Hime

She's had prophetic visions of the Freehold's collapse.

Ophelia Vann

She's had prophetic visions of the Freehold's collapse.

Participating Scenes

Under the Pale Moonlight

The Night is so quiet and still: too quiet.  Something is happening.

Murder by Pale Moonlight

Part two of the introduction to Lost and Forsaken

Lost Under Pale Moonlight

A scene to save the venerable Silver Huntress

Meeting Elder Blackbeak

Ro Hime has been swayed to his side even more!

A Freehold Awakening

New NPC's are out and about to bother players.

A Freehold Awakening

Set at the House of Mystery theater

A Freehold Awakening - Part 2

Finished up

Ro Meets with Elder Blackbeak


The Dreaming Queen

Everyone tries to meet the dreaming Queen

The Breaking of the Court of Gristle - Part 1

A new NPC crown is around.  Find out how to break the Gristle Court Loyalists

Meeting the Dreaming Queen

Ro and some others actually meet the dreaming queen.

Draw the Attention of the Black Bird - Limited Spots

The fight comes to the Gristle Stronghold.  History is made, a distraction is good, people will be hurt or killed.  Nyan will hopefully be saved.

Draw the Attention of the Black Bird - Continuation