It's the End of the World As We Know It
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People with prophetic gifts start having dreams and visions of a Miami as an apocalyptic wasteland.  The swamp has reclaimed most of the area and the hulks of the ruined city rises above it.  Not soon after that, humans that have never displayed a drop of psychic ability seem affected to.  This idea, Miami as a swampland post apocalyptic  wasteland seems to infect the city.  It's showing up in high art pieces to webcomics.  There is no talk amongst the humans of anything supernatural about it but it just keeps popping up over and over.  Netflix is in talks for a show about it.  You hear people on the daily in coffee shops talking about their 'end of the world plan' in light hearted tones.  A couple songs have hit the top 40 and play constantly on the radio about it.  A 'prepper' store has suddenly opened and seems to be maintaining a brisk business as people casually go buy crates of MRE's.  Gun sales jump.  Yet, no one seems really concerned.  When brought up, it's in a ha-ha way.  


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