Crimson Wings Unfurling
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The return of the former Autumn Queen from a years-long absense has surprised many in the freehold.  Among the swirl of whispers and rumors two main themes are found: why has she resurfaced now, and why did she leave in the first place?


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The Passing of Seasons

The emergence of Elizabeth Monroe, the former Autumn Queen, during the coronation sparks surprise and questions...

An Unexpected Visitor

A new-to-some face comes by Empyrean Farms to see what all of the fuss is about...

Winter Coronation 2020

The handoff between Autumn and Winter goes smoothly, and a meeting is arranged between Elizabeth Monroe and Solomon Reed to discuss his research on a certain subject close to her.

A Conversation with the Queen

Solomon and Ascian confirm some personal theories and seek further information on the Crimson Watcher and its fate...

A Thorny History Lesson

A quest into the Hedge to look into the freehold's past