A New Nightmare
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Theodora Rowan is a screenwriter and director of a relatively famous Horror anthology series on Netflix that was shot in the Miami area, who always drew inspiration from her own nightmares. People loved her show: it was somehow more intense, more real than anything else.

Then without any warning, she was gone, for the better part of a decade. Some said writer's block took another victim, others said she just earned enough and wanted to live out the rest of her life in peace. Some fans claimed the studio cut her off for one reason or another. More than one said that Stephen King got sick of the competition.

The truth was very different, of course.

When her new series started up, the fans rejoiced. "Successfully reinvented herself", they called it. This was not just because the writing/directing/shots were better than ever. One way or another, she hit a nerve with her new style. Soon enough, even mainstream media took notice of how the visceral disgust she now evoked with her stories was morbidly fascinating. Film goers wanted to get up and leave, but simply couldn't. Of course, critics laughed at the "horribly stereotypical monster design". However, when the dark came, they, too, switched on the lights in every room.

Rumor had it that the film hit some people harder than others; some had outright panic-attacks while watching, some had horrible nightmares for weeks after they finished. Those hit the hardest suffered from delusions of something crawling under their skin. It was not long before the first people died, running headlong into traffic, panicking, fleeing a figment of imagination.

The series stopped being produced, but downloads already out there are being circulated. Youths dared each other to watch it. And worse? The most prized possession were those copies of the screenplays from each episode that she signed.


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A couple of social media influencers are having a watch party for the return of Theodora Rowan's Horror Anthology Series, but something isn't going right...with them, or with others watching the series.