Semi-Return from Break + Plot Update

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Semi-Return from Break + Plot Update

Post by SarahG » Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:38 pm

Hey everyone!

So, plans shifted on me and I am not moving as soon as I thought I was going to be. However there are still a few things up in the air. That being said, I am coming back from my break in part. I am working with Sasha on something that will touch lightly on all the venues in some way. In addition, for the time being I am going to hold off on my other larger scale plots until real life decides to smooth out a little more and my schedule is more reliable.

While my focus has been primarily on Mortal/+ - the offer below does extend to other splats. I am extending the offer of running personal plot for characters that fall under the following umbreallas and you have been unable to find someone to run a PRP for:

1. There is something in your backstory that you would like to explore further
2. A situation you would like your character (and their group* if applicable) to be faced with as use for some kind of justification(s)
3. You want your character to be put in a situation for personal growth/development even though it may not count as justification for anything mechanical.
4. You would like to get to know some particular Mortal NPCs better

*Groups of no more than 4 players is my goal if you are seeking a group scene.
What this is not:

*A way to bypass trying to get a PRP first
*A way to get some sort of crazy powerful items

If you are interested in exploring this please submit a request to Attn Sarah explaining what you are seeking. Please make sure your character is attached to the request. I cannot promise that I will pick up everyone's request or that things will happen ASAP, but I will do my best.
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