A sad goodbye

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A sad goodbye

Post by freedominflight » Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:51 pm

In 2008 my ex-husband introduced me to Wanton Wicked 2.0 and Hunter the Vigil. I fell in love with the world of darkness almost instantly. I played my Network Zero hunter every day and made great friends that even now I'm still close with. In 3.0 I made a mortal, then hunter, vampire, and eventually I tried a mage. All the while I made new friends. Eventually, I put in my app and became a storyteller. If I liked playing WoD I loved storytelling.

In 3.0 I story told Mortal, Hunter, I-venue, Geist. I guest STed for Werewolf alongside a dear friend in a staggering werewolf scene that lasted over 11 hours of combat. It was so massive players could leave and come back and the fights were still raging on and everyone had fun. Then 3.0 shut down and my heart was broken.

When 4.0 was announced I returned starting as a mage character. Then I was personally invited by one of the site admin's to return to staff and assist struggling venues. Any venue that struggled I was plopped into. Some misunderstandings happened and I left the site for a bit. I returned later back to staff and piloted the Narrator and STM programs we were about to implement for 5.0.

5.0 was announced and I joined development and staff. I gave up days of sleep to help this site. I poured my heart and soul into everything as a player and staff. But as the months went on I became unwell both physically and emotionally. My mental health was strained to the point of snapping. I wanted more than anything to have 5.0 be the best game for the community I adored. I tried, so hard I tried.

Who was I over the years? The handles changed for various reasons. I always told the staff though.

PC handles: Alttab, Autumnknite, Anorlien, Chiyo, Winterborn and finally Freedominflight
ST Handles: LizH and AnnP

Now that I'm entirely honest with everyone I'm going to go. My presence on the site as a player and staff was polarizing. Some loved me, some hated me, few were indifferent. In the end the past is the past. Ten years, dozens of concepts/characters, 100s of scenes, 1000s of hours dedicated to the wanwick site, games, and the community, it comes to an end for me. Farewell, Wanton Wicked. Thank you to those that made this place welcoming and fun. To the staff even when we didn't agree, even when our fundamental styles clashed, I still respected that you gave your time and energy to improve the site. To the players who have wiggled into my heart, making me finally believe that forging friendships on the internet was actually possible, I love you all.

Goodbye everyone. I wish you all the very best.
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Post by BeccaH » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:47 pm

I will miss you, Liz.

You were a huge help to me when I came on as an administrator. We spent countless hours over voice and in chat, trying to make the game fun. You taught me so much, and always with a good natured laugh.

Whatever you decide to do next, I hope you can find joy in it. You deserve that and so much more.

Your friend,
Becca H-H
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