New Custom Options: Tells, Malisons

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New Custom Options: Tells, Malisons

Post by ChrisF » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:09 am

Because I don't value my sanity, Malisons (for Dhampir) and Tells (for Wolf-Blooded) are being added to the Custom Powers options. Both count as 3 dot powers for Justifications.
Tells are inherently Public (you have no claim over how Luna changes her children).

As a note, in the past I've let Wolf-Blooded submit custom Talens if they had a Werewolf helping them, but I won't be allowing that anymore, since they'll have their own thing to focus on. Fetishes/Talens are strictly for Wolves to customize (but you can always ask one nicely to make an Outsider Fetish/Talen that fits what you want).
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