A quick note on Influences

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A quick note on Influences

Post by ChrisF » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:46 pm

For Werewolves and anyone else that gains access to an Influence (the ephemeral ability to control a certain phenomena), having or using the Influence does NOT make you immune to it. Spirits made of fire of course won't be hurt by fire, but if for instance you use Influence (Fire) to set yourself on fire, you DO take damage from it. The same goes for similar powers, for that matter.

What you CAN do, however, is use Influence 3 ahead of time to Control how it affects you (arguably 2 with some phenomena), granting armor or defense equal to the Influence level against that phenomena (direct manifestations of it, to be clear). Other specific examples are likely possible at different levels, depending on the exact influence. Note that Strengthen (level 1) strengthens the phenomena itself, not other things against it.
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