Note on Public/Private powers

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Note on Public/Private powers

Post by ChrisF » Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:30 pm

So, because I've been asked a few times lately, I wanted to clarify. When powers are developed that have a 'Private' designation, that does not mean you could never possibly develop something similar yourself, it means you can't use typical 'put in an XP request and learn it' methods to learn it without learning it IC from the character (attach them to the request in such a case).

However, you CAN 'redevelop' a custom power designated as Private, if you have all the needed type/prereq/similar requirements. In this case, you submit to Custom queue noting what you're 'redeveloping', and this uses up your custom submission for the month. You then need to provide Justifications as if developing it from scratch yourself.

Hope that helped clarify!
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