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Request Suggestions and Advice

Post by GumiH » Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:51 pm

Hello, Wanton Wicked players!

As I have gone through requests I have noticed a tendency for players to create their own stop-gaps in their actions: requesting the sub-steps they perceive (example: Requesting to make a roll to find eggs at a store, then requesting a roll to find milk at a store, etc. instead of requesting a roll to bake a cake) and sometimes not stating the end goal of their actions.

Remember, the more the staff knows about what your end-goal is, the more likely it is we can give you the response you're really looking for and help you in a way that's satisfying. When it comes to actions, it's frequently better to be as specific and explicit as possible with what you're trying to achieve rather than to request to make a roll.
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