Clarification: Healing

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Clarification: Healing

Post by JillA » Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:43 pm

This is not a house rule so much as a clarification to the God Machine Rules supplement. This rule may be overwritten by the content of a future 2.0 World of Darkness Core Book.

Different damage types heal at different rates. Additionally, when a character is healing, the least severe damage is healed first. Characters do not need to be at rest or receive special attention to regain healing at the following rates:
  • Bashing: One point is regained in 15 minutes.
  • Lethal: One point is regained in two days.
  • Aggravated: One point is regained in a week.
Healing Through Medicine
Dice Pools
Dexterity+Medicine to stabilize a patient.
Intelligence+Medicine for long term care or for a patient who is stabilized.

Healing Bashing: Achieving successes equal to the total number of Health points that have been marked as wounded restores heals 1 Bashing (in addition to regular healing as above). Limit: 1 wound per day.

Downgrading Lethal or Aggravated: If a patient receives intensive care in a hospital or intensive-care facility, an extended Intelligence+Medicine roll is made. For 5 successes, a lethal wound is downgraded to a bashing wound. For 10 successes, an aggravated wound is downgraded to a lethal wound. Each roll requires an hour of work, and must focus on the worst of the injuries first. Downgraded wounds can be healed through time (as above) or receive additional treatment. Limit: 1 wound per day can be downgraded.
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