**NEW!** Players Note section

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**NEW!** Players Note section

Post by AnneB » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:15 am

So as some of you may have noticed. The sheets have been slightly changed. There isn't a description section any longer. Instead there is a player note section. What is this for? It's for you the players to keep track of things like pledges, spells and other things that have been added or carried by your pc. You'll still need to get them approved by staff, but this makes it so if you use it during a scene, staff can easily see it there rather then having to dig through requests to find it.

For Mage spells use:

Character name(sympathetic connection here), #of spells(Name of spell - date spell was cast, Name of spell - date spell was cast, Name of spell - date spell was cast,) Are spells Cast on them, Holding for the mage, or both. If both put a * next to the ones that are cast on the character.

For Changeling pledges use:

PC's Involved: Pc, Pc, Date: The date the pledge was applied Type: Personal, Freehold, Motley Bless: Briefly explain what the pledge does for the PCs, Oathbreaking: What happens if someone breaks it.
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