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Status Embassy (Free)

Post by AnneB » Tue Jul 03, 2018 6:18 pm

The Story Masters have discussed and we have decided to implement an entirely FREE Status that is Earned through action.

Everyone will have the option to take Status: Embassy. At character creation, all players will be allowed to take only the first dot of Status Embassy. This means you actively support and are a member of the Embassy.

Players who do not support their factions place within the Embassy or do not know about the Embassy are expected not to take the dot of status. It can be taken later for free. Players backstories should include finding/joining the Embassy in order to justify this free dot of status.

Though not entirely the original intention at development, the Embassy has become a cornerstone of the game. With factions like Changeling and Werewolf that do not have a "Consilium/City Status" or an MCI to join that reflects their connection to the Embassy, we felt it best to make things clear and fair.

There isn't any xp cost for a CC or post CC dot in Status: Embassy 1. Embassy cannot be raised with XP, only through getting a job as Emissary or Assistant Emissary.

ONLY in the case, a character becomes an Emissary or an Assistant Emissary in your faction and your faction has a merit that formally represented your character's connection to that faction the status will be increased. Examples include:
  • MCI: RCG
  • Status: City
  • Status: Consilium
Status: Embassy

Status 1: Member, in support of their factions place in the Embassy
Status 2: An assistant Emissary or Emissary who willingly stepped down.
  • Assistant Emissary: Faction and Emissary approve an Assistant. This is more commonly seen in a vampire.
Status 3: Starting Emissary to the job.
Status 4: Emissary who's held the role for an extended period of time and done and excellent job
Status 5: Ambassador/Faction Head (Can not be taken by a player)

All currently active players are expected to submit a request to have their information updated on their sheet.

The first dot in MCI: Rose City Guild still comes free at CC.
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