[GumiH] It's a Cruel (Personal Plot Driven) Summer

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[GumiH] It's a Cruel (Personal Plot Driven) Summer

Post by GumiH » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:20 pm

So you want yourself some personal plot? Those little points in your background that you never thought anyone would notice? Those moments of disappointed parents, old hobbies, lost connections and more? Want to know how your fetch is doing? Or even more esoteric ones ("What WOULD it be like if I had dropped out of college?") no moment is too weird, strange or fantastical.

Throughout the school-year summer I'll be taking requests for people who want personal plot involving their PC though you may invite whomever you wish. In order to make certain that no time zone has an advantage at filling up requests and everyone has ample time to see and consider what they would like...

I will start accepting and looking through requests on May 27th and the first of these scenes will begin on June 5th. I will (politely) deny and reject any that come in earlier as to not clog up the requests for other STs. You may re-submit if your request is denied due to being sent before the acceptation date.

These personal plot moments will most likely involve an opening scene, downtime request RP-Investigation-Whatnot, and a closing scene though this format may change at ST leisure.

Feel free to ask any questions about this below.
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