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Re: Ties Here! Get your WW5 Ties Here!

Post by Zerd » Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:38 pm

User name: Zerd

Character: Yokai Ishida


A.K.A.: The Black Dragon of Tokyo. Lord-Breaker. The Beast of Bangkok. Bane of Blades. Hand of the Void.. The Onyx Wyrm. (He’s been around)

Splat: Vampire, Ordo Dracul :vtr:

Concept: Ordo Solider Scholar

Approximate age: 214 (looks to be mid to late 30’s hard to tell with all the burn damage and scars)

Yokai came to Portland as a lone survivor. His platoon of Axe sworn was directed to several places across the US. Their duty was to evacuate, exterminate and secure what could be by order from Kindred much higher on the totem pole than himself.

During the War of the Four Yokai gave way to his monster, nearly losing himself, for the greater good of the Covenant he told himself and let loose the bonds of self that gave way to the beast.

His mastery of the Blade was only surpassed by his wanton love of torture. He took it to a whole new level and made it an art form. Kindred, Wolf, Magi. Man woman, or childe none mattered to him save the end result. Extraction of information needed by the Ordo to ensure their survival.

Since the end of the war Yokai has had time to retreat back into his studies of psychic phenomena, and for the most part put himself back together on a more humane level. Though the he is sure the Nightmares will never truly go away.

Tie In:
Were you a fellow member of the Axe platoon that he didn’t know survived? Or a member of a chapter house that he helped evacuate.

A victim of his art during the war, holding secretes or information that he was ordered or paid by another faction to extract. Perhaps even a student whom was learning the art of torture from him.

A member of the opposing faction that killed his Sire all those years ago in Tokyo.

A case study on psychic ability.

A thread of humanity that helped pull him back from the abyss of the Beast.

Someone he has recruited into The Heralds of the Void

Please feel free to send me a PM if your interested in any of these ties.
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Post by Marcie » Fri Dec 30, 2016 1:30 am

Character: Ryuko Saito
Splat: Changeling: Elemental, Wiesse Frau/FlameSiren
Concept: Repentant Warden / Fresh off the insanity boat!
Apparent Age: Mid 20’s

Ryuko and her sister Akiko have moved to Portland very recently, the two of them having recently escaped the hedge.

Possible Ties:
  • The Newcomer - Ryuko is very new to Portland and being a free changeling in general. The two of them are freshly escaped and struggling to piece together everything.
  • The Dancer - She did manage to get a job as an erotic dancer at a local club. It’s fun work and the money is good.
  • The Otaku - If there’s an anime convention or place to buy manga, video games, and other nerdy things she’s interested!
  • Changelings - What are Changelings ? Ohh there’s a bunch of others like us ? No way !
  • The Immigrant - Ryuko, along with her twin, are 3rd generation japanese-americans who enjoy their culture.
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Post by kawaiiwolf » Fri Dec 30, 2016 1:30 am

Character: Akiko Saito ( Ryuko's Sister ! )
Splat: Changeling: Wizened, Truefriend/Mirrorskin
Concept: Sly and roguish shapeshifter / Fresh off the crazy train !
Apparent Age: Mid 20’s

Possible Ties:
  • The Newcomer - Akiko is very new to Portland and being a free changeling in general.
  • OMG I NEED A JOB - Or something to do. Something not morally bankrupt please.
  • The Roguish Little Play Thing - It’s kinda funny to ship two random people, swap their cell phones or wallets without them noticing, or to robin hood the jerk with the gold watch who stiffed on a tip. Or occasionally break into someone’s house to tidy up or do their dishes and maybe help myself to their leftovers. At least I think it’s funny. See above about jobs.
  • Changelings - What are Changelings ? Ohh there’s a bunch of others like us ? No way !
  • The Immigrant - Akiko, along with her twin, are 3rd generation japanese-americans who enjoy their culture.
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Post by QuicksilverFox85 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:49 pm

Name: Callisto Charbonneau
Venue: Werewolf
Venue-organization: Wolf-blooded (Bone Shadows)
Brief history: Born into a werewolf family that had claimed one of the poorer neighborhoods in Detroit as its own, Callisto's ability to both see spirits and act as a medium for them was highly prized. Her family did their best to help her have something approximating a normal life, though, encouraging her skills as an artist as she tried to put to paper the beings that surrounded her on a regular basis. As she got older she became a more integral part of her family's pack, learning a few rituals as well as utilizing other benefits of her blood. Rather than pursue a more formal education in art, Callisto apprenticed under a friend of the family who was a tattoo artist and earned a solid reputation for the ethereal works that she became known for.

Her arrival in Portland is a recent development, having set up a studio of her own in the city. Her reasons for coming are something she's kept close to her chest for the moment, although stories of packs being decimated across the country could hint at a possible reason...

Looking for: Clients to her studio, other wolves or wolf-blooded to pack up with, or just folks to be friends with in a new and unfamiliar city.

Temporary wiki: Watch this space!
Catch you on the flip side...

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Post by Rabies » Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:17 am

Name: John Warwick
Venue: Werewolf
Concept: Wolf Cult Leader
Apparent Age: 30s (Actual Age: 58)
Groups: The Embassy, Hunters-in-Darkness, Elodoth


Brief History: Mr. Warwick, as most tend to refer to the werewolf, is a Portland native that comes from a now extinct Wolf-Blooded line. He has since inherited the estates and ventures of his deceased family when they were destroyed in the war between the supernatural factions. He is notably older than his appearance would suggest, having been a Portland resident for fifty odd years. He is most renowned among local werewolves for his ability to train animals and using them on the Hunt as well as being well versed in the local Wolf-Blooded geneologies.

Looking for: Wolf-Blooded and humans to bring into his pack, information on Wolf-Blooded families and bloodlines, rumors about newly Changed werewolves, and information on movements of local shartha.

Possible Ties:
- Mr. Warwick is involved in the study of Wolf-Blooded lines, and so anyone with history and geneological records to offer will be of interest.
- Mr. Warwick is well-known for his abilities with animals. He may be approached by anyone requiring trained attack dogs or other beasts.
- Mr. Warwick is a vocal supporter of the Embassy, although dissatisfied with the Uratha's current role within it. Anyone wanting to further the People's involvement in Embassy politics would likely find an easy alliance with the last Warwick.
- Mr. Warwick has a habit of hunting rare game. If any supernatural approached him with the opportunity to hunt something new and dangerous, it would peak his interest. He is well known for collecting trophies from the targets of his Hunt.
- Warwick is a forceful personality, and is gathering humans and Wolf-Blooded together to create a cult that worships lycanthropy and Mother Moon. The easily influenced or those mortals and Wolf-Blooded looking for purpose could gravitate to someone with a charming personality and the ability to grant them the power to shapeshift.
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Post by gothicmingus » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:23 pm

Name: Marcus Armitage
Venue: Changeling
Venue-organization: Gristle Ogre Draconic


Brief history: Marcus is a local of Portland, Oregon. Born and raised under a blue collar working family. He was abused as the youngest of three for never being "good enough" but then lets face it the world is cruel. At the mid start of the freshman year, he seems to have just changed and become great. Thats cause he was taken.

Ten years passed, and thats when he returned. Larger then life, bit more built and no want to return to the old life. Taking on to working in a Strip-club/Bar with others of his kind, keeping an eye out and protecting his horde now.

Looking for:
* Days of the Past - (Any) Did you know Marcus when he was younger, maybe it is odd to you that the new marcus was different, and now you see someone that looks a lot like him?

* Gristle Court - (Changeling) Marcus has been making his name as a Guardian and prides himself on the fact that he will do anything to protect what is needed. For that fact, he only takes on a few every now and then, but he seems big and friendly for a dragon.

* Friendly Bartender (Any) - Marcus works in a Strip Club/Bar. it is known for the eccentric to the mild, but the one thing that can be said is that he is always trying to be a good bartend to those who need it. An ear to talk to, or even just someone to drink, Sometimes you may catch him at it.

* Seen around the Embassy (Supernatural) - Marcus has been known to frequent the Embassy at times. Stoping in to see whose new in the area, as well as just trying to relax at times. Maybe you saw the large man there.

*Surprise Me? (Any) - I am always open for an idea, since i'm never sure if I think of them all.

Temporary wiki: Watch this space!
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Post by Setau » Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:12 pm

User name: Setau
Character: Alexander (Alex) Hayes
Splat: Wolfblooded (Thrice-Born)
Concept: Legal council for the supernatural
Approximate age: mid-30s

Alex was born in Portland as a member of the Hayes family with all the ups and downs that go with that. He always did well in school and had the gift of gab. He knows how to say the right thing to get what he wants. After high school he studied law at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks).

After law school he came back to Portland and worked for a larger firm for a few years. Then after some time getting his feet wet he borrowed money and opened his own small firm.

Now he specializes in criminal defense and has done work for a few packs and members of the of the Embassy

More info to come this is still pretty rough
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Post by Zerd » Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:45 am

Mika “Silver Scales” Hayes


Groups: Elodoth/ Storm Lord
Concept: Rising Social Star
Approximate age: Early twenties
Time in Portland: Born and raised
Social Circles: Hayes Family / High Society / City Hall-Government /Rich and Famous/ Movers and Shakers

Mika has the gift of gab and it’s often been called on by fellow Forsaken and Hayes members for negation matters. Be it on the Spirit side of things or a middle man to help settle disputes he is always happy and willing to help someone out. Have you are your pack called in Mika to assist?

A Forsaken is only as good as his word:
Mika’s bread and butter are favors and knowing how to use them. Perhaps he owes you one are you own him. But there’s one thing for sure, his deals are always sealed in blood and essence when it comes to the People or the Spirits of Portland.

Gym Time:
Lately he’s been spending a lot of time at the gym trying to get cut and build himself into more of what’s expected from him. He spends a good amount of time on the bags and even in the ring sparing trying his best to be a better warrior. Perhaps you two are workout buddies and fellow gym rats. Maybe he’s working under you to learn how to fight or fight better.

Fine Wine and Fine Times:
Mika moves in circles with the wealthy of Portland, from attending benefit dinners to high tea, enjoying a night out at the Opera or even a private lunch at the Country Club while watching a game of Polo. He’s been seen serving at the soup kitchen and even handing out blankets to the poor during an afternoon off.

Shadow Games:

Mika has an intense interest in the occult, especially in regards to the spirits of Portland. Maybe you’ve bumped into him at a local shop or store or traded some information.
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Post by Perditionist » Fri Jan 13, 2017 8:44 pm

Character: Dr. Thelonious Seidel
Venue: Vampire
Concept: Psychiatrist and Artist
Approximate Age: Mid 40's
Actual Age: 119
Groups: Heralds of the Void, Carthians, Ordo Dracul
Social: Veterans, High Society, Medicine

Background: Thelonious Seidel. Born 1908 in Portland. Studied medicine eventually leading to the field of human behavior. Was ghouled after WWII. Full embrace just prior to the beginning of the War. Worked in a support role during the War helping all of the front line Vampires not become draugr. Following the war was a leave of absence from the Portland area lasting a couple decades. He has returned to Portland with a goal of helping the Veterans of the War. His focus is largely on Vampires but he would take any supernatural patients. He is quite wealthy and tries to split his time and resources among his patients, community service, the sciences, and the arts as best he can.

Portland - Thelonious has been in the area for quite a long time. What about you? We could have known each other before shit got weird.

Therapist - Are you a patient? Were you a patient during the war? Perhaps a colleague? He has a private practice that he is looking to expand. Maybe you are interested in joining. He mostly works with veterans so perhaps you know him from your own contributions to that particular community. Maybe you're the one that helps him deal with all his issues.

Artist - Thelonious has made a bit of a name for himself as a painter locally. Have you seen his work? Are you interested in commissioning a painting? Are you an artist yourself? Maybe you frequent his local gallery or are trying to get your work displayed.

Creature Comforts - He was born into wealth and the comforts it provides. So we could bond over that or perhaps you have acquired some of the more exotic items he was looking for.

Carthians - Thelonious certainly supports a more democratic system for the Vampires. He's not an overly extreme activist but he obviously lends them his support.

Ordo Dracul - He's a scientist. He has an inquiring mind and seeks to answer things he doesn't understand. This has lead to research into the occult. He doesn't necessarily believe all this God cursed us bullshit but he is sees the pursuits of the Ordo as something that directly aligns with his own.

Other - Maybe you have some thoughts that I missed? Let's talk :D

In search of a ghoul, bodyguard, business/finance manager, tech-savvy assistant, local investments, contacts in the other splats, things of that nature.

((Subject to change))
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Post by Psychoclown » Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:01 am

Updated my post a bit, mainly by adding a hook for possible ties via the criminal underworld. If you're interested, let me know. Especially looking for a tie or two outside the Kindred community.
TPO Jerry Lakin (Vampire) and Roy Kozlowski (Mortal+)
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Post by youkilledkenny » Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:39 pm

e: all set
TPO Jason Steggar
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Post by SoulGambit » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:29 pm

I have an incoming Information Security and Technology Consultant that is also an Acanthus Mage of the Silver Ladder. I plan to do things with Big Business and the shadowy overlords that preside over them, Changelings (particularly the Hedge), and maybe studying Mystery Cults.
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Post by Setau » Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:06 am

Changeling - Looking for Ties

Render-Ogre Gristle Court

He's pretty fresh out of the hedge. His time in Arcadia was spent tearing things apart to their basic components so someone else could make something else out of it.

He works at one of the local scrapyards in town now. It pays for his room at the Embassy and some time at the bar every once in a while.

He grew up in Portland and most likely has a Fetch here

Looking for anything. Shared Keeper, someone that helped me out the first few months since I got back, he doesn't look much like he did before he was taken so not much chance that you knew him before and would recognize him now
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Post by Cinn » Wed Jul 26, 2017 4:41 pm

Wolf-Blooded hoping to find some ties.

She is from Portland originally, but left the city some five years ago and did not return until last year again. Former MMA fighter; got kicked out of the UFC after assaulting and hospitalizing another fighter at a night club, and now works as a fitness model and personal trainer.

Her knowledge of the supernatural is basic at best, although she knows about the city's supernatural populace and even attended the Embassy a couple of times. Very driven and ambitious - wants to own her own gym someday - but with a red hot temper. Those abs, though!

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Post by Kimura » Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:38 am

Wiki Link: https://wantonwicked.gamingsandbox.com/ ... rs/SamHain

Somewhat dysfunctional Vampire looking for ties, Vampires/ghouls are probably the best bet but open to most things.

TLDR background overview (more specific details available on request) Born in the middle of the 1800's in rural Illinois, was a prolific vampire hunter following the civil war eventually embraced in San Francisco as retaliation for having killed a coterie mate of his would be sire. Was a nomad for many years before settling in Seattle in the early 1900's. Moved to Portland in the 60's took part in the war. Was torpored in the closing days of the war and just recently awakened.

Possible ties:
Vampires and other old things: Maybe you knew him before embrace, maybe he hunted you or your friends, maybe you are his long lost absentee sire (now there is some drama to be had!), Maybe you knew him in the war, or in Seattle.

Mortals and not so old things: Likely any ties would be setting up things for the present or having just transpired within the last week or so. Interested in a ghoul for the right candidate, Possibly recognize him from some historic account, After awakening from torpor maybe he robbed you for your clothes and wallet (everyone needs money), Perhaps you are a local and seen him around in Sunderland.

Open to other ideas, hit me with a PM or on the chats if you have any ideas.
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