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Experience Guide Update

Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 11:22 pm
by ChrisF
Alright, everyone , I know there's been some questions lately regarding Justifications with things like Status, Mantle, and so on. So, we've clarified the Justification rules on the Experience Guide: ... Experience

To summarize, traits like Status or Mantle or that otherwise rely on external factors (whether or not that also includes internal ones) have their own special category, 'Narrative Justification,' meaning just attaching any typical Justification won't *always* be enough, depending on circumstances.
Traits not on that 'narrative' list will be more strict in any of the listed Justifications sufficing for them without special approval, barring extreme exceptions (1 sentence bluebooks, for instance), although you must of course also meet any requirements inherent to the books themselves.