Dark Eras 2

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Dark Eras 2

Post by ChrisF » Fri May 15, 2020 4:32 pm

Alrighty, everyone! Dark Eras 2 has been added to the Book Policy and follows the same rules as other Dark Eras books (Nothing from era-specific groups, nothing for venues we don't allow, etc).

This of course does mean that there's three Kiths from our current list ( https://wantonwicked.gamingsandbox.com/ ... ling/Kiths ) that are now eclipsed by an official update. Having looked them over, they're all different enough that we didn't want to force players to have to fit the entirely new mechanics which might change what their characters are capable of.

So, Changeling folks with the Antiquarian, Chimera, or Muse kiths, you have two choices:
1) Keep your Kith as-is, and you now use the book version.
2) Put in a sheet update request for our own renamed Kiths; Antiquarian is Curator, Chimera is Phantasmagore, and Muse is Visionary.
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