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Player Run Plots

Post by SpiderB » Fri Jan 31, 2020 6:00 pm

Player Run Plots (PRP) are storylines developed by and run by players for other players. PRPs are a part of the canon of the game, and can be used by participants to justify experience expenditures, obtain items or powers, or to facilitate a shift in a character’s story.

The host of the PRP is referred to as the PRP-ST. The PRP-ST receives 2 staff-awarded beats for running a PRP, and participants receive 1 staff-awarded beat.

A PRP-ST can submit and run a story for:
  • Any faction in which they don’t play.
  • A faction in which they do play, but for characters they are not related to.
  • A group in which the PRP-ST has a character (i.e., pack, motley, etc.)
A PRP-ST’s character may participate as an informative NPC in any of these scenarios, however cannot participate as an acting PC in the PRP. In other words, the PRP is being run for the Participants’ PCs not the PRP-ST’s PC.

The following are guidelines for how to pitch, run and resolve a PRP.

PRP Submission and Approval
All Player Run Plots require submission via request to Staff to inform. Requests should include the following information:
  • PRP-ST: OOC Login name of the PRP-ST
  • Venues invited: Changeling, Mage, Mortal+, Vampire, Werewolf or ALL
  • Date(s) expected to run:
  • Purpose of PRP: This is a goal statement for what the PRP is being run to accomplish. This may be something simple such as “give the participants a bad guy to fight” or it may be more specific “uncover a totem spirit for wolf pack.”
  • Summary of Plot: This is a paragraph or two describing the plot that is to be presented to the participants.
  • Approvals Needed For: Elements of the PRP that will need to be approved. See below.
  • Participants invited: This is either how many players you would like to run for or if the specific participants the PRP is planned for.
  • Risk Rating: see below.
Approval Needed
If a PRP is planned to or may include any of the following, then the PRP must be approved by a staff member BEFORE it is run:
  • Any official NPCs from the site.
  • Any plot that riffs off of or would affect any ongoing faction or city plots.
  • Use of creatures/monsters that are not statted out in the books. This does NOT count anything that the Retainer merit could cover, so long as it's run with those mechanics.
  • Use of any creatures/monsters that are considered “bosses” in the books.
  • Any plot with the goal of or may result in the characters receiving a new item or power.
  • Any plot which may cause a permanent or lasting change to the City or connected Realms.
Risk Rating
Use the following statements as a guideline for the Riskiness of your PRP.
  • No-Risk: Zero risk for the characters. For example, there is no planned combat.
  • Low Risk: Characters are likely to be challenged, but not in a significant way. For example, easy combat is planned that the participants are expected to survive, or short-term conditions may be received.
  • Risky: Characters are likely to be challenged and may have longer-term negative results. For example, there is likely to be combat which may result in lethal or aggravated injury or long-term conditions may be received, but death is unlikely.
  • Deadly: Characters are going to face high-stakes challenges and death or heavy injury is possible.
  • Death Trap: Characters will be fighting for their lives. Death is a high probability.
PRP Process
  1. Submit PRP: From the Request Tool, select Action: New Request
    • Request Title: (PRP) PRP Title
    • Group: Character Type (Any will work)
    • Request Type: Player Run Plot
    • Insert the PRP Template and complete it.
    • Submit the Request
  2. Staff Response:
    • No Approval Needed: If the PRP does not require approval, you can immediately begin scheduling the PRP or advertising for participants. A staff member will Return the Request to you asking to be notified when the PRP has been completed.
    • Approval Needed: A Staff member will Return the request to you either with statement of Approval or a request for further information/alterations. If you receive a statement of Approval, you can then begin to schedule or advertise your PRP.
  5. Use the Scenes tool to schedule and track the Participants of your PRP. Make sure everyone who participates has attached their character by the time the PRP is finished.
  6. Once your PRP has been completed, return to your Request:
    • Attach the Scene(s) records to your Request
    • Add a Note which includes either Scene Log(s) and detailed Scene(s) summary of what occurred in the PRP
    • Re-Submit the request
  7. Staff Response: A Staff Member will assign Beats to the PRP-ST and all Participants and then Approve the Player Run Plot request.
    • Participants who may have received a new power or item from the PRP should create separate requests to have their sheets updated.
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