Changes for the rest of 5.0

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Changes for the rest of 5.0

Post by AnneB » Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:43 pm

For the remainder of 5.0 the staff has come up with this.
1) We're switching plots to PRP only for now, and most will be approved if not downright silly
2) XP Requests won't need Justification unless you're going after something really really rare or normally unattainable (lost Disciplines, etc)
3) Custom stuff will be, basically, one more before game end, but ChrisF said you only need 1 Justification for it. So people can come up with a 'capstone' power or the like for their characters.
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While highly entertaining, it’s wrong to send players to ask ChrisF about Sleepwalkers and Proximi.
But you guys should totally do it anyways!
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