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Everyone please read

Post by AnneB » Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:51 pm

Okay, this sense of entitlement has gone too far now. We, the wanton 5.0 staff are all Volunteers. We donate our time for free to make SLs and handle issues and push the game. We're not required to do this, and the passive aggressive snide comments really need to stop. If people continue this route we will be forced to issue pps's for abuse of staff. If you are feeling upset or angry. Take a break and step away from the game. Come back when you have a calmer collected mind set to deal with issues as adults.

We've also had recent complaints about players trying oocly to avoid questions about their PC's and answering questions for powers. If we catch anyone lying oocly to questions when someone makes a roll you will be spoken too

Thank you -
Wanton 5.0 Staff
AnneB - Admin

While highly entertaining, it’s wrong to send players to ask ChrisF about Sleepwalkers and Proximi.
But you guys should totally do it anyways!
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