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Request Limits

Post by ChrisF » Sat Jul 21, 2018 3:11 pm

Hello all!

So, recently, we've been finding a lot of requests going into the system, often overwhelming the Storytellers and other staff members they're for, so we're going to, for the time being, be reinforcing our suggested time limits on requests, making them a requirement for the time being, for the sake of realism, fairness, and workload. The following rules apply for all request submissions, on a per character basis:
  • Actions are limited to 2 requests per week, period, and you should never have more than 2 open ones per given plot at the same time. An exception can be made for requests that are basically just sheet updates and error corrections, since this is often used as a 'miscellaneous' request type.
  • Scene requests are limited to 1 per week, and ideally no more than 1 in waiting per given plot.
  • Feedback requests to any queue have no inherent limit.
  • XP Requests are limited to 2 per month. Ideally one for when you get monthly XP, one when you've filled up your beats for the month. (That is, space them out a bit)
  • Requests that are submitted directly to the Storymasters follow the action requirements/limits if an IC action, scene limits if a scene, etc.
  • Custom Item/Power requests are limited to 1 open at a time for powers/magic items of any sort, and follow the usual monthly limitations for most venues (Mage CT is not limited as such, but still must only be 1 in at a time)
  • Custom mundane crafting requests count towards your Crafting limit (Actions), and should similarly only have one open at a time.
  • Forwarded requests tend to count towards their original type, unless they were misplaced to start with.
If you're already over on any of these, you don't need to immediately close anything out, but please don't submit anything new.
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