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New Wiki Venue Banners

Post by AnneB » Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:17 am

To make it so everyone can use whatever colors they wish on their wikis, do not alter the size, color or location of the venue banners that have been placed at the tops of the pc wikis.

Items that cannot be changed
  • Venue Navigation Bar - This is a tool that identifies your character’s venue, and helps others navigate away from your wiki more easily. It’s listed at the bottom of the templates, if you lose yours.
  • Venue Banner - Top of the page, if you lose it, there is one on each of the venue templates. Just copy the link and put it at the very top of the page(Do not alter the location, size, or color). This allows people to know right away what venue you’re in.
  • Template categories - Although you may choose what you fill out or leave a mystery, all categories must be present on your sheet. (Stats, Description, Role Play Hooks, Contacts, Quotes). You can give them catchier titles.
  • The Layout - This is what allows people to quickly go to your wiki and know immediately where to check for information they’re after.
  • The Player Name - This must be visible, per COI rules, to avoid confusion or unintentional COI. The field for it is located in the Stats section.
Please Note
Wikis which are repeatedly found to be breaking the guidelines above are considered ‘wiki vandalism’. Players who continually break the guidelines listed above may be banned for up to 3 days.
AnneB - Admin

While highly entertaining, it’s wrong to send players to ask ChrisF about Sleepwalkers and Proximi.
But you guys should totally do it anyways!