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Now Hiring: Narrator!!

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 5:08 pm
by AnneB
Wanton needs narrators!

So, narrators jobs are to run scenes, the Story Teller Masters will give you plots and npc's to use and let you go out and push the plot among the venue.

You can run some of your own plot, but the bulk of your stuff will be coming from the STM! So, if you enjoy running things and helping give out plots this job is for you!
  • 3 month renewable position+
  • Multi-venue Storytelling Position
  • Maintain Open & Active Communication with Staff
  • Design Kits for PRPs
  • Carry out Kits/Plots as outlined by the ST-M
  • Design Minor NPCs
  • Answer requests tickets
  • Post scheduled Scenes on the Scene Calendar
  • Sanction/De-Sanction Player Characters
  • Resolve disputes at the player to player level
  • Issue PPSs as needed
  • Additional Roles that may be added later with approval from admin staff
Feel free to apply Via the request que, select the Admin group, and Request type as 5.0 Narrator Application. There is a narrator template for you to fill out, you just have to insert the template.