Wolfblooded Characters
Character Name Player Splat1 Splat2 Status Is Npc
Lena Queen FlowerCrystal Idle No Edit
Kurt Lawrence GarethTheLoud Active No Edit
Mackenzie Westbay GummyBear Active No Edit
Camila Lobo Lazercat Idle No Edit
Lux Lovelace Selcouth Active No Edit
Madeline Shelby Sunset Idle No Edit
Bryna Harper WastedMuse Idle No Edit
Raina D'Angelo Werewolf NPC Idle No Edit
Max Harper Wolfblooded NPC Active Yes Edit
Vivian Zhang Wolfblooded NPC Active Yes Edit
Zhang Fan Wolfblooded NPC Active Yes Edit
Evangeline Blackbourne coinoperatedgirl Active No Edit
Maricela Cortez moonkitten Idle No Edit
Frankie Hayes snowcrane Active No Edit

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