Wolfblooded Characters
Character Name Player Splat1 Splat2 Status Is Npc
Althea Leigh Tigress Active No Edit
Colton Rockwell onibear Idle No Edit
Dr. Lisette Cole EmilyL Idle No Edit
Gwendolyn Bernhardt Selcouth Idle No Edit
Madeleine Leblanc Tamsin Active No Edit
Margo Royal pisces Active No Edit
Maya Henry badgermahoney Idle No Edit
Nevaeh Fairchild Trish Idle No Edit
Prisana Vee ReaperGirl Active No Edit
Rafi O' Ifearnain FoxFire Active No Edit
Richard Lawson Retias Idle No Edit
Rune Tabari Starcrossed Active No Edit
Victoria Blackwell Wolfblooded NPC Active Yes Edit
Vieve Fairchild Moore snowcrane Active No Edit

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