Werewolf Characters
Character Name Player Splat1 Splat2 Status Is Npc
Aaron Siversten Hecate Ithaeur Ghost Wolf Active No Edit
Alaric -Ragnarok- Ragnarson AbsoluteSavage Rahu Blood Talons Idle No Edit
Allison Stark AllieK Ithaeur Iron Masters Idle No Edit
Amand -Bear- Raskoph Weeping Willow Rahu Iron Masters Idle No Edit
Andrew Barrett mspears Elodoth Storm Lords Active No Edit
Ash Dalton BlackWolf Cahalith Iron Masters Idle No Edit
Bishop Clayton Fixxxer Ithaeur Blood Talon Active No Edit
Butch -Banzai- McCullough nosferatulovemachine Rahu Blood Talons Active No Edit
Celene -Fearless- Cooper PrettyNPink Cahalith Idle No Edit
Charlie Rose Selcouth Irraka Storm Lords Idle No Edit
Christopher -Fangyu zhe- Zhang Werewolf NPC Irraka Hunters in Darkness Active Yes Edit
Desmond King Rinse and Repeat Irraka Iron Masters Active No Edit
Drake Feichtmeister Werewolf NPC Elodoth Storm Lords Active Yes Edit
Elizabeth D'Angelo Werewolf NPC Elodoth Blood Talons Active Yes Edit
Emilia King Arcbound Ithaeur Bone Shadows Idle No Edit
Evelynn Frisko DeadSparks Rahu Storm Lord Active No Edit
Everett King Deuces Rahu Iron Masters Active No Edit
Gideon -Papa Wolf- Savage taurus0510 Cahalith Storm Lords Active No Edit
Harold Kelly Brogg Rahu Hunter In Darkness Active No Edit
Jack -Avenger- White Werewolf NPC Rahu Iron Masters Active Yes Edit

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