Werewolf Characters
Character Name Player Splat1 Splat2 Is Npc
Abdul al-Basir el-Hashem BishieBoy Ithaeur Hunters in Darkness No
Alaric -Ragnarok- Ragnarson AbsoluteSavage Rahu Blood Talons No
Alex Cavanaugh Cleveradjective Elodoth Storm Lords No
Alex Kingsman Throne Irraka Storm Lords No
Alexander Dane faedyn_pride Irraka Hunters in Darkness No
Allison -Sees the Truth- Harper AllieK Ithaeur Iron Masters No
Amand -Bear- Raskoph Weeping Willow Rahu Iron Masters No
Andrew Barrett mspears Elodoth Storm Lords No
Ash Dalton BlackWolf Cahalith Iron Masters No
Bridget -Nox- Murphy connie Irraka Hunters in Darkness No
Butch -Banzai- McCullough nosferatulovemachine Rahu Blood Talons No
Charlie Rose Selcouth Irraka Storm Lords No
Christina Saunders Scarecrow Irraka Ghost Wolf No
Christopher -Fangyu zhe- Zhang JamesM Irraka Hunters in Darkness Yes
Clay -Mind of Focus- Harmel Mintana93 Irraka Hunters in Darkness No
Darcy -Relentless- Murphy Brimstone Rahu Blood Talons No
Deirdre Westbay Wolfpact Rahu Blood Talons No
Desmond King Rinse and Repeat Irraka Iron Masters No
Drake Feichtmeister Werewolf NPC Elodoth Storm Lords Yes
Elias Alvarez taurus0510 Irraka Storm Lords No

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