Mortal Characters
Character Name Player Splat1 Splat2 Is Npc
Aaron Ventura Bawitababadook No
Achilles J. Masters Dru Zod No
Aerin Moss Desse No
Agatha Kingsley Agatha Kingsley None No
Alex - L33t- Buck DalH Seven Sided Gang Yes
Allison Crawford Brimstone RGC No
Amy Valheim TheWill No
Ankita Nakamura Mortal NPC Aion Nutraceuticals Yes
Anthony Mores Mortal NPC Aion Nutraceuticals Yes
Apple McKinley MichelleC Rose City Guild No
Artyom -Spectre- Vosheli twiggy87 No
Bailey Bishop Regentwill No
Bambi Swinnson Bambi RCG No
Blaze Poison Packrat rcg No
Brody Zimmerman Mortal NPC Rose City Guild Yes
Caleb Dobson Aalock Lost Boys No
Calum Holliday Throne Rose City Guild No
Casper Wallace Salubrith No
Deacon Grove Lucien Feres No
Ebony Marshall Mortal NPC Rose City Yes

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