Changeling Characters
Character Name Player Splat1 Splat2 Status Is Npc
Anastasia Vorobyova Cinn Fairest Spring Active No Edit
Ascian Beng Prof Improbable Elemental Summer Active No Edit
Atoli McQueen TeaCupKitten Fairest Active No Edit
Aurelio Menegi ChangelingNPCS Elemental Courtless Active Yes Edit
Ayame Nishimura ChangelingNPCS Fairest Autumn Active Yes Edit
Bailey Straw CommanderFerret Elemental Courtless Active No Edit
Brooklyn Green Sunflowering Beast Winter Active No Edit
Catherine Adams HourEleven Beast Summer Idle No Edit
Christian Brown QuicksilverFox85 Wizened Spring Active No Edit
Diana Bradshaw ChangelingNPCS Elemental Autumn Active Yes Edit
Earl King Worldwalker Ogre Summer Active No Edit
Ezequiel Cervantes chzie Beast Autumn Active No Edit
Gabriel Riordan ChangelingNPCS Darkling Spring Active Yes Edit
Gerard Key Pagan Beast Summer Active No Edit
Glitch Priyankara Elemental Summer Idle No Edit
Grant DeVreis Phoenix Ogre Summer Active No Edit
Irene M Cervantes Tigress Elemental Autumn Active No Edit
Isabella Qilin Gracia randomim Beast Spring Active No Edit
Jackie Johansen Jaling Darkling Winter Active No Edit
Jordan Flynn ChangelingNPCS Elemental Spring Active Yes Edit

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