Changeling Characters
Character Name Player Splat1 Splat2 Status Is Npc
Ace Harding less Fairest Fortean Idle No Edit
Akiko Saito kawaiiwolf Wizened Fortean Idle No Edit
Alexander Bellarose Salubrith Fairest Spring Idle No Edit
Amber Kalia Changeling NPC Wizened Autumn Active Yes Edit
Blair Bell Mephi Beast Autumn Idle No Edit
Calleigh Moran Nuitloupe Fairest Spring Idle No Edit
Colton Silenus Dionysian Elemental Spring Idle No Edit
Cordero Montez chzie Fairest Gristle Idle No Edit
Cornelia Grey Cinn Fairest Winter Active No Edit
Dani Hayden Khas Elemental(Ifrit) Summer Idle No Edit
Drude Arkayne Ogre Idle No Edit
Eamon Hart Huitzilopochtli Beast Summer Idle No Edit
Eddie Crude RadioactiveRevenge Ogre Summer Idle No Edit
Edsel Lovegrove Paper Tiger Beast Autumn Idle No Edit
Elder Black Beak Changeling NPC Beast Gristle Active Yes Edit
Elle M. Enopi Claire Voient Beast Beirut Idle No Edit
Eric Ross NickP Darkling Spring Idle No Edit
Eshne Kane InkFox Elemental Autumn Idle No Edit
Francis Blackbriar Locaeris Beast Fortean Idle No Edit
Hogarth Harrington Pitch Ogre N/A Idle No Edit

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