Changeling Characters
Character Name Player Splat1 Splat2 Is Npc
Abigail Flynn JackDWorm Ogre No
Akiko Saito kawaiiwolf Wizened Fortean No
Alastair Bolte Tog Fairest Gristle No
Alec Dalton Valdours Beast Courtless No
Alexander H. Acker AngryMike Darkling Gristle No
Alyssa Noapte Carissima Fairest Beirut No
Andy Cooper Griffalo Elemental Courtless No
Angel Liu TLotts Fairest Beirut No
Ashton Goodrum Scales Fairest Gristle No
Ava Ravenway PapaSpit Beast Beirut No
Benjamin Salazar Oakleaf Maleficar Darkling Beirut No
Blair Bell Mephi Beast Fortean No
Bryce Ladon Satyrwyld Beast Courtless No
Cordero Montez chzie Fairest Gristle No
Devin Warrick Rini Wizened Beirut No
Edsel Lovegrove Paper Tiger Beast Fortean No
Edward Burke Woops Ogre Beirut No
Elaine Bond Bookworm Darkling Fortean No
Elder Black Beak Changeling NPC Beast Gristle Yes
Elle M. Enopi Claire Voient Beast Beirut No

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