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Character Name Player Character Type Splat1 Splat2 Is Npc
-Biscuit- Mage NPC mage Acanthus Adamantine Arrows Yes
-Ninth Wonder- Mage NPC mage Moros Mysterium Yes
-Slide- Mage NPC mage Moros Free Council No
Aaron -Dante- Packitt Mage NPC mage Mastigos Silver Ladder Yes
Aaron Mitchell Brad mortal No
Abdul al-Basir el-Hashem BishieBoy werewolf Ithaeur Hunters in Darkness No
Abigail Flynn JackDWorm changeling Ogre No
Abram Louis Murdoch Vampire NPC vampire Daeva Invictus Yes
Adam -Lugh- Woodburn GarethTheLoud mage Obrimos Adamantine Arrows No
Aerin Moss Desse mortal No
Akiko Saito kawaiiwolf changeling Wizened Fortean No
Alan -NiK- Deckard Revelry mage Obrimos Free Council No
Alaric -Ragnarok- Ragnarson AbsoluteSavage werewolf Rahu Blood Talons No
Alastair Bolte Tog changeling Fairest Gristle No
Alec Dalton Valdours changeling Beast Courtless No
Alex - L33t- Buck DalH mortal Seven Sided Gang No
Alex -Athame- Lucas gothicountry mage Acanthus Silver Ladder No
Alexander -Fujin- Lin Tarstainedangel mage Mastigos Adamantine Arrow No
Alexander H. Acker AngryMike changeling Darkling Gristle No
Alexander Hayes Setau wolfblooded No

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