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Character Name Player Character Type Splat1 Splat2 Is Npc
-Biscuit- Mage NPC mage Acanthus Adamantine Arrows Yes
-Ninth Wonder- Mage NPC mage Moros Mysterium Yes
-Slide- Mage NPC mage Moros Free Council Yes
Aaron -Dante- Packitt Mage NPC mage Mastigos Silver Ladder Yes
Aaron Siversten Hecate wolfblooded No
Aaron Ventura Bawitababadook mortal No
Abram Louis Murdoch Vampire NPC vampire Daeva Invictus Yes
Achilles J. Masters Dru Zod mortal No
Adam -Lugh- Woodburn GarethTheLoud mage Obrimos Adamantine Arrows No
Aerin Moss Desse mortal No
Agatha Kingsley Agatha Kingsley mortal None No
Akiko Saito kawaiiwolf changeling Wizened Fortean No
Alan -NiK- Deckard Revelry mage Obrimos Free Council No
Alaric -Ragnarok- Ragnarson AbsoluteSavage werewolf Rahu Blood Talons No
Alastair Bolte Tog changeling Fairest Gristle No
Alex - L33t- Buck DalH mortal Seven Sided Gang Yes
Alexander -Fujin- Lin Tarstainedangel mage Mastigos Adamantine Arrow No
Alice -March- Hare Scarecrow mage Acanthus Free Council No
Allison -Sees the Truth- Harper AllieK werewolf Ithaeur Iron Masters No
Allison Crawford Brimstone mortal RGC No

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