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Character Name Player Character Type Splat1 Splat2 Status Is Npc
Abraham Mezvinsky YoGrendel Beast Anakim Nemesis Idle No Edit
Abraham Sachs Vampire NPC Vampire Daeva Ordo Dracul Active Yes Edit
Adah Halsey pava Vampire Daeva Invictus Idle No Edit
Adora Madison Jackins Vampire Gangrel The Carthian Movement Idle No Edit
Adrian Lopez Vampire NPC Vampire Daeva Circle of the Crone Active Yes Edit
Agam Nosek Scottish Fae-touched Ogre Idle No Edit
Agatha Beast NPC Beast Makara Predator Active Yes Edit
Agony Dorough KAO Mortal Idle No Edit
Aiden May Tamsin Changeling Wizened Spring Idle No Edit
Alex Tirado Holland KAO Werewolf Cahalith Hunter In Darkness Idle No Edit
Alexander Zheng Kimura Beast Ugallu Nemeses Idle No Edit
Alexandria - Alex - Baker nbdy Mortal N/A Idle No Edit
Alexia Tristitia Thagirion Vampire Ventrue Ordo Dracul Idle No Edit
Alexis Stone Enigma Beast Eshmaki Nemeses Idle No Edit
Alistair Colt Scarecrow Mortal Niqibat Al-Tijara Idle No Edit
Alita Allers TheWill Ghoul Mekhet Idle No Edit
Althea Leigh Tigress Wolfblooded Idle No Edit
Amanda Rei Locaeris Changeling Elemental Spring Idle No Edit
Ana Mariela Castillo The_stekpanna Mortal Idle No Edit
Anahita Shahzad The_stekpanna Ghoul Ventrue Idle No Edit

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