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Character Name Player Character Type Splat1 Splat2 Status Is Npc
-Biscuit- Mage NPC Mage Acanthus Adamantine Arrows Active Yes Edit
-Bliss- Mage NPC Mage Thyrsus Left Hand Active Yes Edit
-Legatus- NeevaV Mage Mastigos Left Hand Active Yes Edit
-Mab- Mage NPC Mage Acanthus Left Hand Active Yes Edit
-Ninth Wonder- Mage NPC Mage Moros Mysterium Active Yes Edit
-Slide- Mage NPC Mage Moros Free Council Idle Yes Edit
-Typhon- Mage NPC Mage Obrimos Left Hand Active Yes Edit
Aaron -Dante- Packitt Mage NPC Mage Mastigos Silver Ladder Active Yes Edit
Aaron -Sin Eater- Siversten Hecate Werewolf Ithaeur Bone Shadow Active No Edit
Aaron Ventura Bawitababadook Mortal Idle No Edit
Abigail Fairchild deathsmask Mortal Active No Edit
Abram Louis Murdoch Vampire NPC Vampire Daeva Invictus Active Yes Edit
Ace Harding less Changeling Fairest Fortean Idle No Edit
Adam -Lugh- Woodburn GarethTheLoud Mage Obrimos Adamantine Arrows Active No Edit
Addison -Aizlyn- Fierro addibelle2296 Mage Acanthus Nameless Active No Edit
Adrian Zsolt Revelry Changeling Fairest (Woodwalker) Spring Active No Edit
Agatha Kingsley Agatha Kingsley Mortal None Idle No Edit
Ajay Varma GrayEyedDevil2154 Vampire Daeva Circle of the Crones Active No Edit
Akiko Saito kawaiiwolf Changeling Wizened Fortean Active No Edit
Alastair Bolte Tog Changeling Fairest None Active No Edit

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