Babette Amie


Age: 30
Apparent Age: 30
Height: 5′4
Build: Spry
Profession: Nurse/Tattooist
Public Effects: Status [Medical 1]
Cult: N/A
Lineage: N/A
Player: SickGirl
Theme Music: Ramones- Pinhead A Perfect Circle- The Nurse Who Loved Me


A spry little thing with a layer of tattoos covering skin as white as cream. Her hair, so blonde it threatened on platinum and a smile so sweet it threatened psychotic. Usually dressing a bit down in knee length dresses, knee high combats and black hoodies.


Babette worked her ass off in the tattooing industry to finance her way through medical school. She’s a nurse now. High five.

Role Play Hooks

Hook 1
“Hey, didn’t you stitch my face last week?” She’s a nurse, ‘nuff said.
Hook 2
“Hey, didn’t you tattoo that unicorn on my friend the other day?” She’s a part time tattooist at Cherry Bomb Studios, having stepped down from her full-time slot to become full-time nurse.


Medical and tattooing industry.



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