Hiring New Storytellers!

Are you interested in a Storyteller or Narrator Position? Apply today!

  1. Create a New Request under any Character (sanctioned or unsanctioned)
  2. Select Group: Admin
  3. Select Type: Storyteller/Narrator Application
  4. Click the "Templates" button and choose Storyteller Application.
  5. Complete the questionnaire and submit!


Storyteller Perks:

  • All Storytellers and Narrators receive Supporter Status as long as they are active.
  • Storytellers have new expectations for workload management to provide clear guideliness for what is expected.

 Site Supporter

Contribute $5 dollars towards WantonWicked and receive:

  • 5 Bonus Experience Points!
  • Custom Wicked Supporter avatar for your OOC login:
  • Wicked Supporter rank on the Forums!



  • A maximum of 5 Bonus experience points may be earned for any character through role play and other activities.
  • Wicked Supporter bonus experience points are in lieu of any other bonus experience. Larger donations will be awarded bonus points over several (applicable) months.
  • Donations of $5 or less may not be split between characters.
  • Once you're payment has been received and processed, you'll be able to select which character to receive the bonus.

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