What does this mean? We've been in game for a whole year!


New XP!

All new characters for all venues begin with 70 general build experience for Season 2. This is an increase from the 35 general build experience available in Season 1.


Special XP Sanctioning available: September 15th-October 15th

New characters taking advantage of the "Finale Death" Refund or the "Re-Casting" refund will be sanctioned beginning September 15th and must request sanctioning before October 15th. These offers are only available for the first month of Season 2.

Remember, Re-Casting must also mean a story-driven retirement for your character. Deleting or simply desanctioning a character disqualifies from the Re-Casting bonus.


Hiring New Storytellers!

We are still hiring new Venue storytellers (particular Mage and Vampire), and we are also looking for new Narrators. Narrators are non-venue-specific storytellers who provide sthort-term storylines and scenes for any characters. Think of it like a "professional" PRP storyteller.


Storyteller Perks:

  • All Storytellers and Narrators receive Supporter Status as long as they are active.
  • Storytellers have new expectations for workload management to provide clear guideliness for what is expected.


New City Map!

The Savannah City map has been updated and has gone live. Some of the major impacts are a consolidation of the ~30 districts to 12. This simplifies the map as well as district pages.

  • Savannah National Wildlife Refuge (unchanged)
  • Industrial District - Incorporates Industrial District, Business District, and Airport District
  • West Chatham - Incorporates West Chatham and West Side
  • River District - Incorporates River Side, Bay Side and Hutchinson Island
  • Chatham Parkway - Incorporates Chatham Parkway and North Chatham
  • Downtown District - Incorporates Historic District, Downtown and Central
  • Southside District - Incorporates Southside, Berkshire Woods and Coffee Bluff
  • South Chatham - Incorporates South Chatham and Ogeechee Peninsula
  • Skidaway Island (unchanged)
  • East Side District - Incorporates Diamond Way, East Side and Isle of Hope
  • North Isles District - Incorporates North Isles, Whitemarsh Island, and Wilmington Island
  • Hunter Army Airfield (unchanged)


Map Updates? New Request Type

If you have a new player or venue location you would like added to the map:

  1. Create a new Request
  2. Select Group: Admin
  3. Select Type: Map Update
  4. Use the Map Update Template to submit the necessary information for the location.


New COI Rules

What is Conflict of Interest?

For the purposes of WantonWicked, Conflict of Interest is defined as a player’s Character (or close Allies of that Character, i.e., packmates, cabalmates, etc.) benefiting from the same player’s second Character (or close Allies of that second Character) — or Storyteller/Narrator position— in such a way as to provide an advantage to any of the characters involved.

What is benefiting?

Benefiting includes but is not limited to:

  • Receiving assistance or information that aids in a plot or character’s goal.
  • Receiving items, property or other possessions directly, or by proxy from your other character.
  • Receiving mechanical aids (power items, buffs, etc.) directly, or by proxy from your other character.
  • Utilizing cross-over information delivered directly, or by proxy from your other character.

See Game Guide > Policies and Practices for more information.



Site Supporter

Contribute $5 dollars towards WantonWicked and receive:

  • 5 Bonus Experience Points!
  • Custom Wicked Supporter avatar for your OOC login:
  • Wicked Supporter rank on the Forums!



  • A maximum of 5 Bonus experience points may be earned for any character through role play and other activities.
  • Wicked Supporter bonus experience points are in lieu of any other bonus experience. Larger donations will be awarded bonus points over several (applicable) months.
  • Donations of $5 or less may not be split between characters.
  • Once you're payment has been received and processed, you'll be able to select which character to receive the bonus.

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